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An updated video featuring Ben Novellano!

Do you need insurance for your Canoe or Kayak?

Most homeowners policies provide insurance coverage for a canoe or kayak (small paddle crafts valued at less than $1500) in the case of sinking, theft or damage to the craft.  If you use these at a second home, then you have to make sure they are included in your second home policy. If the value […]

Life Insurance: Term vs. Whole

Life insurance isn’t a sexy topic, but at some point, it is one that most people have to think about.  The question of what happens to your family in the event of your death is an important one to consider.  This comes about sometimes after significant life status events – perhaps a marriage, the birth […]

Insuring Your Vacation Rental Property

In our little corner of the world, the vacation rental business is booming.  While year-round lodging opportunities (hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, inns, etc.) continue to exist as a mainstay of accommodation  options in our area – there are many properties that now cater mostly to the thirteen week summer season – primarily targeted to […]

An Annual Review of Your Policies can Save You Money

Many people think of March and April as the time of year for Spring Cleaning.  The snow and ice begin to melt away and we start to think about spending more time outdoors.  We look at things that we need to to outside in our yards for annual maintenance, and we begin to prepare for […]