Insuring your property in storage & self-storage

Your homeowners insurance policy covers your property, but if you store your property off your site at a storage facility or self-storage unit, do you need additional protection?  In the case of natural disasters like flood, or tornado, the facility is not likely legally responsible for your belongings. The best way to insure specific property […]

Homeowners Insurance and Your Outdoor Property

Your homeowners insurance policy covers a lot of things, some you might not realize – and it also does not cover things that you might think are included.  Here are a few things many people might find surprising!   A typical homeowners policy likely covers a few things that you don’t realize.  (NOTE: you should […]

Preparing for Snowmelt

Tips to prevent flooding with the coming thaw. Yes, we’ve all had enough of the cold weather and snow this winter and many of us are looking forward to seeing it all disappear …but, all that water has to go somewhere.  As little as 6 inches of melting snow and ice can lead to flooding […]

Hosting a Superbowl Party this Weekend?

If you find yourself as host to a large gathering this weekend for Superbowl Sunday, this article has some great information about Social Host Liability. Content provided by the Insurance Information Institute: Social Host Liability Be a Responsible Host When It Comes to Serving Alcohol at Parties Whether you are hosting a Super Bowl […]

Insuring Your Teen Driver

Your teenager just received their driver’s license!  This is likely one of the most exciting and joyful moments in the life of a young person, and one of the most stressful and worrisome moments for parents. From the student’s perspective, a driver’s license represents some very big things:  freedom (the ability to go where you […]