Trees and Your Insurance

Spring is a good time to check your property for tree damage.


Spring weather can be erratic, as we well know this year from our April sub-freezing temperatures and snow storms.  Despite this, we can say with certainty, it will begin to warm up.  As your yard becomes walk-able once again, we encourage you to take a trip around your property to look for any damage to your trees.

If you have a tree that falls on your property and it hits your home or your auto, you are protected for repairs under your homeowner’s insurance policy.  If you have a tree that falls on a neighbor’s property, their homeowner’s policy should cover any damages.  Some of these claims can get complicated, so we would encourage you to check with your office if you have any questions in this circumstance.

Typically, if you have a homeowner’s policy with a high deductible, the expense for a claim may cost more than the cost of the removal of a potentially hazardous tree.  We encourage all of our homeowner clients to take steps towards prevention of damages each year, during the spring months.  Inspect your property and look for any potential hazards (trees that are diseased, branches that are unstable, etc.).  Do some trimming or tree removal when/if needed.  Check with a local company to find out when their busy season is so that you can schedule for removal in the off-season when costs might be a bit lower.

A once a year property inspection can end up saving you headaches down the road and can save you money!  If you have any questions about your homeowner’s policy or other insurance products, please call our offices in Cooperstown at 607-547-2951 or in Morris at 607-263-5170.  We are happy to help you.