Your Insurance Needs When You Are Moving

While buying a new house is certainly one of the most exciting things anyone can do, the actual process of getting into that house is often full of stress and hard work. Even when the sale has finally closed, you still have an incredibly daunting task ahead of you: moving. Some people choose to do it themselves; others hire professional help. Either way, it’s important to consider your valuable possessions, and what might happen to them during the move. No matter how careful you are, there’s always the risk that something bad can happen to these irreplaceable keepsakes. This is why it’s important to consider moving insurance.


What is moving insurance?

Just like it sounds, moving insurance is insurance that is specifically designed to protect you from loss during the process of moving from one home to another. It is a short-term policy that covers the cost of these items should they be stolen, broken or lost during the move. As stressful as this time can be, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuables are protected is often worth as much, if not more, than the items themselves.


Moving company guarantees

But wait, you might ask – don’t moving companies guarantee the items they move? The answer to that question isn’t easy. In theory, a moving company guarantees your items against negligence. This is called “valuation,” and it’s a moving company’s version of insurance (although, it should be noted that for legal purposes they aren’t allowed to call it that).


Most basic moving company contracts will provide some form of valuation, and you can actually upgrade the valuation for more protection. However, this is not always fool-proof. In some cases, the valuation has a limit to the amount of protection offered. This means that more expensive items, such as antiques, heirlooms and large pieces of furniture, might not be covered under the terms of the valuation contract.


In addition, it’s not unusual for companies to try and wiggle out of paying by claiming that events were outside of their control – if you packed some boxes yourself, for example, they could try and claim that it was your faulty packing that led to the damage.


Existing insurance coverage

You might also wonder if your existing home insurance covers this move. Again, it’s a good question that doesn’t have an easy answer, because in truth it depends on the policy and its coverage. It’s safe to assume that it doesn’t cover it, however, since most homeowner policies only cover things while they exist inside the home. Once an item leaves the home, the coverage usually no longer applies. It’s a good idea to contact your insurance company and nail down specifically what is and isn’t covered during a move under your existing policy.


Purchasing moving insurance

So, even though we’ve seen that the moving company and your existing policy might offer some protection, it’s a safe bet that it isn’t enough coverage for the life you’ve built up over the years. This is where moving insurance comes in. This type of insurance is built specifically to cover items while they are being packed up in one place, transported across town, across the country or even internationally and unpacked in a new location.


Even better, most moving insurance policies last for a while, and cover damage of any kind, no matter what. So, if your items are in transit, but have to sit in one place for whatever reason, they’re still covered. If an earthquake happens to damage your items during the move, they’re covered.


In addition, many moving insurance policies also cover internal damage to electronics and appliances. So, even if the item in question looks completely fine, if it doesn’t work properly once it reaches its final destination, it’s possible to file a claim to get the item replaced.


Of course, different types of moving insurance plans can cover different sorts of items, events and amounts, but in general this sort of coverage provides you with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re covered, even if unforeseeable problems occur during the move.


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If you are looking at a move in your near future, you’re probably stressed out enough as it is. You owe it to yourself to purchase the peace of mind that comes from moving insurance, and we are ready to help you. Please contact us at Bieritz Insurance today so our team can help assess your needs and come up with a plan of protection for you and your valuables. We look forward to hearing from you!