Flood Safety

Spring is here and with the season’s change comes the rain.  It seems that we have had a good deal of precipitation just over the last two weeks in our region – and if you are looking at our local rivers and streams, we are noticing that the water is running fast and high.  Floods happen everywhere – they are not relegated to specific regions like tornadoes or hurricanes.  Our area has certainly had more than a few years over this last decade where flooding has been severe.  For safety, please keep an ear out for warnings and follow the safety suggestions below!


  • Flood insurance often takes up to 30 days to go into effect, so if you are in need of a rider, you need to plan for this well in advance.  Our team can provide you with additional information and details on how flood insurance works.
  • Prepare for emergency situations with your family.  Hold a meeting and talk about what needs to be done in case of a flood, have a plan for communications in case people are at work or at school, and don’t forget about your pets.
  • Make up several emergency kits and keep one at your office, your home and your family vehicles.  If you don’t know what should be in your emergency kit, you can find information here: https://www.ready.gov/kit
  • Be aware of flood warnings and move to higher ground.  If you are advised to evacuate, please do so.  If you are already on higher ground, be prepared to stay there until it is safe to travel.
  • Check on your neighbors.
  • Never drive or walk through flooded streets.


Find more details on what to do before, during and after a flood at http://www.susquehannafloodforecasting.org/before-during-after.html